Personal Statement by Lace 

"Acoustic Sketches could be considered a realized dream for me. The concept/origin was to spontaneously create an emotional landscape in sound, true to my core experience, and preferably with little or no forethought involved. To capture an idea, a feeling, record it and then improvise around that a corresponding melody, virtually in the same breath - a true sense of what was inside coming through."

Now on Pandora Internet Radio 

Acoustic Sketches is now part of the Genome Music Project at Pandora, the largest internet radio in the world! To listen (even while working on your computer), log onto and create a new station by entering "Lace Walker." Your "Lace Walker Radio" station will intermix Acoustic Sketches tracks with those of other similar artists. Enjoy hours of fantastic, original, commercial-free music at work or at home. It's free!

Acoustic Sketches CD Release 

Lace Walker's collection of original compositions/improvisations on acoustic guitar, ACOUSTIC SKETCHES is now available. Full of variety and musical depth, each track paints a different musical landscape, offering up a rich and satisfying listening experience. For the discerning ear or as a casual backdrop at home or on the road, while dining or just kicking back, take a musical journey that delights your ears and centers your soul. Click on "Buy" tab above to order a CD or download.